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Optimus F-9407 3-Speed 8-Watt 7-Inch Mini USB Air Cooler with Aromatherapy Box and Light


Optimus F-7080 2-Speed 15-Watt 8-Inch Turbo High-Performance Air Circulator


Optimus F-4187 3-Speed 18-Inch Industrial-Grade High-Velocity Oscillating Wall Fan


Optimus F-7585WH 48-Inch Pedestal Tower Fan with Remote, LED, and Bluetooth


Optimus F-7345WH 12″ Desktop Ultraslim Oscillating Tower Fan (White)


Optimus F-7345BK 12″ Desktop Ultraslim Oscillating Tower Fan (Black)


Optimus F-5280 7″ Twin Window Fan


Optimus F-4092 High-Velocity Fan (9″)


Optimus F-4040BK 4″ Personal Metal Fan


Optimus F-1760 16″ Wave Oscillating Stand Fan (With Remote)


Optimus F-1023 3-Speed 20-Watt 12-Inch Box Fan


Optimus F-0702 2-Speed 16-Watt 7-Inch Personal Clip-on Fan


Optimus F-1022 10-Inch Box Fan


Optimus F-0622S 6″ Stylish Personal Fan


Optimus F-0600 6″ Personal Clip-on Fan