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Pyle PWMA5000BA 4-Channel 3,000-Watt Rack-Mountable Home Theater Preamplifier Receiver with Bluetooth and 2 UHF Wireless Microphones


Pyle PT696BT 5.2-Channel 1,000-Watt Bluetooth Home Theater Receiver


Pyle Home PT390AU 300-Watt Digital Home Stereo Receiver System


Pyle Home PT260A 200-Watt Digital Stereo Receiver


Pyle Home PTA24BT 250-Watt Compact Bluetooth Audio Stereo Receiver with FM Radio


Pyle PT588AB 5.1-Channel Home Receiver with HDMI & Bluetooth


Pyle Home PT390BTU Digital Home Theater Bluetooth Stereo Receiver


Pyle Home PT270AIU 30-Watt Stereo AM/FM Receiver with Dock for iPod


Pyle PDA7BU Home Theater Audio Receiver with Bluetooth


Pyle Home PDA6BU 200-Watt Bluetooth Stereo Amp Receiver with USB & SD Card Readers


BIC America W-Receiver Add-on W-Receiver for Wireless Subwoofers and Powered Speakers